Attack of the Rockoids

"The father-son writing team of Gene and Grayson Steinberg have written a marvelous, fast paced story of interstellar warfare and star-crossed love. The battle scenes are so descriptive, you can see the space ships explode and be consumed by gigantic balls of flame. I enjoyed this story and the authors say there is more to come about the characters and the future world of the Rockoids. Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek will enjoy this story and look forward to many more adventures of Ray and Zanther." Brenda Gill, Sime~Gen, Inc.

"Though filled with scenes of action, heroism, intergalactic political intrigue and high drama, the soul of 'Attack of the Rockoids' lies in its heart and passion for building a convincing tale of a love that spans the galaxy. A thrilling story!" Robert Simpson, former "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" fiction editor

"If you like Golden Age Science Fiction then you need to grab a copy of this book!" Teresa Roebuck, Just Can't Resist

Now Shipping! Book II: "The Coming of the Protectors," the second book of the Rockoids trilogy, is a galaxy-spanning adventure that pits our hapless heroes against powerful, fanatical enemies that threaten the lives of freedom-loving beings everywhere. Both the print and Amazon Kindle editions are now available. Check out our sample chapter.

Book I: "Attack of the Rockoids" is the first of the series, an exciting science fiction tale of two star-crossed lovers brought together across time and space, and entangled in a web of interplanetary political intrigue as they are forced to choose between their love and their loyalties on opposite sides of warring worlds.

In the novel, former U.S. military intelligence officer Ray Perkins is haunted by the memory of intense dreams in which a beautiful woman pleads for his help in the wake of a terrible battle in outer space. A bizarre accident thrusts him into the future, bringing his dreams into reality, only to find that she is leading an armada of ships on a battle-course to destroy her planet's enemy: Earth! Can the love they form through an inexplicable telepathic bond unravel the mystery behind the politics of the conflict and prevent the death and destruction of billions of civilians on their home worlds?

"Attack of the Rockoids" combines elements of action, drama, suspense, romance, humor and time travel, to create a classic science fiction tale. It's a thrill-a-minute story you'll never forget.

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About the Authors: Attack of the Rockoids" is the brainchild of the incredible father and son writing duo, Gene and Grayson Steinberg. Gene is the award-winning, best-selling author of over 30 technology-related books plus hundreds of magazine articles on a variety of subjects for a number of publications. In recent years, he has written a number of popular onlne tech commentaries, and is host of two radio shows, one dealing with personal technology, and the other dealing with the paranormal. Grayson is a gifted writer and educator. He is presently living and working in Madrid.